About Us
We create smart solutions to increase operational performance and the quality of life
Each transaction, Facebook post, file downloaded, click, phone call, e-mail and sensor means billions of gigabytes of data.
Drawing conclusions from such a huge amount of data gathered across many locations will let you enjoy notable benefits. Your data is your asset. We will help you get value from that asset.
Our systems are the response to real problems faced by businesses and often requiring a custom approach. For this reason, we combine our knowledge of various fields and areas with modern technologies to turn technology, big data analysis and our systems into a competitive advantage for businesses. We deliver dedicated systems and solutions to the world's largest corporations.
Expandi was established in 2005. We are an international team of specialists in various fields, combining our experience in the area of advanced technology with practical business knowledge. We are also engaged in our own research projects, developing technologies, software and algorithms and working on ways to use them to solve business problems.
All we do is based on simple, basic values instilled in our company's DNA: