NetMonitor Banking Review
A social media monitoring and analysis platform designed to meet the needs of the banking sector, delivering categorised and rated consumer opinions about products, services, the quality of customer service, market image and security for the 21 largest banks operating in Poland.
Every day we monitor and analyse the opinions voiced by bank customers on social networking portals, online forums, blogs, microblogs, product/service rating websites, thematic or news websites, published especially as comments. With high-quality data, services designed to meet the needs of marketing, PR, customer service departments and management; and direct assistance provided by Expandi analysts, specialists in banking and social media analyses, the key departments of your bank will have quick and effective access to the world of customer opinions.
Identify early and respond quickly to the possible threats to your brand
The expression of extreme attitudes online is facilitated by the ease of publishing content and anonymity. Untrue information or gossip may give rise to an online discussion that may quickly escalate and spread from the virtual world to traditional mass media. Every day we analyse tens of millions of opinions voiced by consumers. With our advanced technology and natural language processing, combined with a team of experienced specialists, we are able to get quick and effective access to data that matters to you.
View your industry and brand status with the eyes of your customers
Competitor analysis based on customer opinions is one of the most powerful tools you can use to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your own and your direct competitors' brands. It is also a unique perspective.
Analyse and compare the effectiveness of your own and your competitors' marketing and PR activities.
Test and measure the results and optimise your activities. NetMonitor Banking Review will let you analyse the results of your own and your competitors’ activities quickly and easily. With industry monitoring, you will have a unique opportunity to analyse your share of voice in opinions about banks generally. You will be able to compare and analyse your results against a body of historical data from 2009 onwards. What engages consumers and where? Where to target your activities to achieve better results? Who is the opinion leader?
Turn customers with problems into advocates for your brand
Get quick and effective access to information about your customers’ problems across the Internet, as such problems can spark off negative discussions discouraging consumers from choosing your products. Automated problem detection and tools for group cooperation in solving such problems will increase your effectiveness and your customers' satisfaction. Analyses of problems and product discussions are a source of valuable knowledge. You can use the knowledge to make your customer service processes more effective.
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NetMonitor Banking Review Report
+ Competitive Set comparative reports
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