Business Intelligence 2.0
Your dream dashboard with all of your organisation's data resources.
Make use of data analysis to gain an advantage.
Businesses that make decisions based on data
are more productive and more profitable.
According to a survey of 179 large listed companies carried out by MIT Sloan School of Management.
Why is it that decision-makers are more likely to make decisions based on their intuition?
Because of lack of access to data, which is "imprisoned" in various spreadsheets, databases or applications.
Because they have to wait for data provided in monthly or quarterly reports.
Because there is more than one "reality", as indicators or figures may be defined differently.
Use the Business Intelligence platform and join the ranks of the most profitable and productive businesses.
All KPIs in one place
All the data you need will be gathered in one place, on an intuitive platform. Check the performance data for your entire organisation in one place.
Mobile access
Opportunities will not wait for you. Get access to up-to-date information whenever you need it.
Easy integration
Wherever your data is kept, whether in .xls files, databases or various applications, it can be automatically transmitted to the system in real time.
You will at last have your dream dashboard.
Analyse whatever and however you want. Our intuitive tools will enable you to draw conclusions and focus on the most important things.

Whether you are in charge of marketing and need to check the impact of your marketing activities on your sales, or a sales manager requiring data on sales plan performance for different product groups, all the data you need can be available at your fingertips.
Cooperate & share
Get all your staff to focus on delivering your business goals. Focus your discussions on your goals and data-based conclusions.
Save time
Make use of e-mail/text message notifications to be informed when the target level of a particular KPI is achieved. Don’t waste your time drawing up reports manually. Instead, define your reports to be generated automatically.
Encryption, standalone databases, security tests. All this is used to keep your data secure in a private cloud within the European jurisdiction.
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Expandi Business Intelligence 2.0
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Six questions to be answered if you want to know whether your present Business Intelligence system needs changing
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