Dedicated Software
Technology affects virtually every aspect of a modern business operation. Big Data, smart systems, mobile applications, cloud computing and new business models have all made it possible to boost operational performance in virtually every respect.

Our dedicated systems and applications are designed to respond to the needs of modern organisations and are part of their competitive advantage. Developed with passion and adherence to the highest security, efficiency and reliability standards, they meet the expectations of the leading companies in many industries.

We take the full responsibility for our solutions, offering international support under guaranteed service level agreements (SLA).
Our areas of expertise
Data Analysis
Data Analysis Systems & Applications
The most effective organisations use data as part of their management and decision-making processes at many corporate levels. Reports based on data produced a month ago, no access to data when it is necessary (e.g. during field visits) and complicated-to-use business intelligence systems are the problems we can solve. We create smart real-time data analysis applications with secure access also from mobile devices.
Big Data Analysis Systems & Applications

There are more computers than people in the world. Each sensor, interaction, text message, e-mail, Facebook post, click or transaction adds a drop into the global data ocean. It is estimated that the amount of data generated by people globally will double every 10 minutes in 2013. Analysing such data and drawing valuable conclusions from such analysis are a challenge for modern organisations. This is a global opportunity for greater efficiency in many areas. We assist our clients in getting value from the endless ocean of data and turn the value into benefits for them and their customers.

System Monitoring & Threat Detection

Each medium-sized or large organisation has at least a few critical processes and/or systems whose failure may cause serious consequences. With the right technology and data analysis, threat prediction systems allow organisations to avoid unnecessary costs and the consequences of process or system failure. We create smart solutions for detecting anomalies and generating problem alerts.

Information Discovery Systems
Finding information is part and parcel of the work of not only analysts, but anyone. Standard solutions are often ineffective, as they are not designed to reflect the intricacies of the language and the extent of resources to be searched is very large. Identifying correlations between particular bits of information is a task that ordinary search engines cannot handle. Our solutions help to find the necessary information quickly and to automatically associate important related facts and data.
Work effectiveness
Mobile applications
Smartphones and tablets have become part of our daily lives and commonly used tools for work, communication and entertainment. The tendency for staff to bring their own devices to work has become a challenge for information security and IT teams. However, smartphones and tablets alone will not provide any organisation with any notable benefits in the long-term. We create secure systems and applications designed to support business processes, facilitate work and make it more efficient through the use of mobile devices.
Sales Process Support & Automation

Mobile solutions and smart applications allow both small and large sales teams as well as sales networks to increase their work efficiency. This is what makes market leaders stand out in terms of competitive advantage and innovation. We assist organisations in improving the quality of their leads and deliver applications designed to provide data and tools that support effective sales. We are able to automate time-consuming processes and create smart systems identifying new opportunities and areas for change. Make use of technology, data and innovation to boost your sales to your existing and new customers effectively and permanently.

Business Process Automation

Optimisation is a continuous process in any organisation. Cloud computing, sensor networks, big data and intelligent algorithms help to make better use of valuable resources. Also, mobile applications and practical solutions in place of ineffective tools help teams to save time. Join the leaders and make technology work for your benefit.
System integration
Developing new services, getting value from large data resources or optimising processes often require organisations to combine a number of systems. We assist organisations with quick and secure exchange of data between various on-premise or cloud-based systems. We also develop systems to make APIs available for mobile services and secure communication between users and systems within organisations.
Sales Boost
Marketing Process Support & Automation
Each click, contact or transaction is part of the story about consumers and their needs. Advanced algorithms allow organisations to make their marketing activities more effective. We combine data analysis with user-friendly tools to automate, define and test marketing activities. We create systems and applications that help to automate and optimise marketing processes in accordance with international standards.
Personalisation & Customer Segmentation Systems

Products and services designed to satisfy individual tastes are more likely to attract customers. Personalisation also translates to increased customer loyalty and has an impact on how your customers will perceive your organisation. Effective organisations make use of personalisation not only in e-commerce channels. Our solutions are designed for customer microsegmentation based on historical purchasing data and customer behaviour knowledge. Smart solutions operating in real time create personalised offers and display similar products and recommendations.

Customer Life Cycle Management

The value of a customer over time often depends on many factors. Knowing the positive and negative factors affecting CLV allows organisations to manage their sales effectively and increase their customer life cycles. We assist leading organisations in identifying their valuable customers and make them come back. Our systems use CLV prediction models and allow for automating activities designed to stimulate purchasing and customer retention.